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Basic Info of Methyltriacetoxysilane

What is Methyltriacetoxysilane?

Organosilicon cross-linking agent contains two active groups with different properties on the same silicon atom, one is a silicon-functional reactive group such as -Si(OC2H5), which can chemically react with the surface of inorganic fillers to generate – Si-O-Si- chemical bond; the other is a carbon-functional reactive group, such as H2NCH2CH2CH2Si-, which can react with organic polymers and become the active ingredient of the polymer, thereby making the two properties very different material is well bonded. The silane crosslinking agent acts as a bridge at the interface of the two substances, and the formed chemical bond couples the two substances with different properties. In some cases, such compounds are used to treat the surface of glass fibers or other materials, so they are also Called surface treatment agent, in other cases it is used to improve the adhesion of synthetic resins to other materials, also known as tackifier, glass fibers treated with silane crosslinking agents are widely used in thermosetting and thermoplastic reinforced plastics , can greatly improve the strength of the material and the use temperature.

Methyltriacetoxysilane is a coupling agent for one-component RTV silicone rubber. Appearance: colorless and transparent liquid; Boiling point: 110~112℃; Density (25℃): 1.1740; Refractive index (20℃) : 1.4083. When added to silicone rubber, it can be cured and formed without heating. For some parts that cannot withstand high temperature, it is particularly important to add such coupling agents for cross-linking and curing of silica gel. Compared with other groups such as methoxy and ethoxy, its acyloxy group is more active, has a faster decomposition rate, and has a better effect on enhancing the adhesion of aluminum alloy, nylon, glass and ceramics.

Methyltriacetoxysilane Uses

  1. Methyltriacetoxysilane is primarily made use of for room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber representative and also as an artificial resources.
  2. Methyltriacetoxysilane is utilized as a cross-linking agent for bonding plastics, nylon, porcelains, light weight aluminum, and so on with silicone rubber.
  3. Methyltriacetoxysilane is made use of as synthetic rubber prevention as well as additive.

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Preparation of Methyltriacetoxysilane

  • Method 1: Weigh quantitative amounts of methyltrichlorosilane and acetic anhydride, add them to a three-necked flask respectively, and then stir to dissolve them uniformly. The reactant mixture is subjected to atmospheric distillation, the temperature is controlled at 70-150°C, the tower top temperature is 52-56°C, the received distillate is a by-product, and the temperature reaches 150°C and ends. Then the temperature is lowered to 115°C, and the vacuum degree of vacuum distillation is performed to obtain the finished product.
  • Method 2: After M1 and acetic anhydride are sealed, mixed and stirred at room temperature, then sealed and left to react at room temperature for more than 24 hours, added to a rectifying tower at normal pressure and then separated under reduced pressure to obtain the finished product methyltriacetoxysilane, By-product acetyl chloride. The reaction equation is as follows
    In a closed reaction kettle, put in appropriate amount of raw materials M1 and acetic anhydride according to the appropriate raw material ratio, then start stirring at room temperature for 1 hour, stop stirring and statically react for more than 24 hours to obtain a reaction solution. In an atmospheric and vacuum rectification device, drop into the reaction solution of 2/3 volume of the reaction kettle, gradually be warming up to a suitable temperature under normal pressure and then under reduced pressure, and rectify under vacuum at a constant temperature for several hours to separate out by-product acetyl chloride and excess. Raw material acetic anhydride, the final product methyltriacetoxysilane is obtained.


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