Good quality Tripotassium phosphate 7778-53-2

Basic Info

Model No.: CAS NO 7778-53-2

Composition: Potassium Sorbate

Type: Meat Preservative

Effect: Antiseptic

Resource: Natural Preservatives

CAS: 7778-53-2

Appearance:: White Powder

MF:: K3O4P

MW:: 212.26600

Density:: 2.564 G/mL At 25 °C(lit.)

MP:: 1340 °C

Bp:: 158ºC At 760 MmHg

Additional Info

Packaging:  25kg/Drum

Productivity: 10000kg

Brand: zhishang

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Supply Ability: in stock

Certificate: ISO CE

HS Code: 7778-53-2

Port: Shanghai,Tianjin,Qingdao

Product Description

Potassium dihydrogen phosphate cas 7778-77-0

Potassium phosphate is a potassium phosphate, which varies depending on the number of potassium atoms:

1. Dipotassium hydrogen phosphate K2HPO4 (Phosphoric acid molecule two hydrogen atoms are replaced by potassium atoms)

2. Potassium dihydrogen phosphate KH2PO4 (phosphoric acid molecule of a hydrogen atom is replaced by a potassium atom)

3. Potassium phosphate (phosphoric acid molecules are all three hydrogen atoms are replaced) Molecular formula: K3PO4.

production method

(1) neutralization method 50 $ phosphoric acid solution was added to the corrosion-resistant reaction tank, according to phosphoric acid: potassium hydroxide = 1: 2 molar ratio by adding: 30% potassium hydroxide solution, stirring and neutralization reaction, control pH8 .5 ~ 9 or so, generate a dipotassium hydrogen phosphate solution. Then sent to secondary neutralizer by adding 30% potassium hydroxide solution for neutralization reaction, the end point of control pH = 14, resulting in tripotassium phosphate solution, concentrated by evaporation until the relative density of 1.38 ~ 1.46, and then cooled crystallizer After cooling to below 60 ℃, centrifugal separation, obtained tribasic phosphate finished. Can also be without cooling the crystallizer directly hot concentrated potassium tripolyphosphate solution obtained by centrifugation. The separated mother liquor is returned to the evaporator.


Tripotassium phosphate is used as a food additive in the food industry as an emulsifier and a strong agent for potassium. Prepared flour products with alkaline water, flavoring agent, meat glue, buffer. Anti-oxidant synergist, chelating agent. Tripotassium phosphate can be used medically as a pharmaceutical excipient and a chemical reagent.

Product expansion

1> Cosmetic Raw Materials: Cosmetics is a variety of raw materials through a reasonable deployment of processing from the compound mixture. Cosmetics with a wide range of raw materials, different performance. According to the Raw Material properties and uses of cosmetics, can be divided into matrix materials and auxiliary raw materials in two categories.

2> Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(API): API refers to the raw materials in the production of various types of preparations, which is the active ingredient in powder,crystal and paste for medicine use through chemical synthesis,plant extract, and preparations of biotechnology institute.

3> Fragrance And Spices: Spices are an important part of fine chemicals, it is composed of natural spices, synthetic spices and single fragrance.

4> Organic Raw Material: Intermediates are also known as organic intermediates. The use of coal tar or petroleum products as raw materials to produce dyes, resins, additives, and other intermediates.

5> Chemicals Used In Paints: Paint, the traditional Chinese name is paint. So-called coating is coated on the surface of the object that be protected or be adornment, and with the continuous film coating to form strong adhesion.

6> Pharmaceutical Intermediates: The so-called pharmaceutical intermediates, refers to the production of pharmaceutical products in the process, the use of raw materials, materials, accessories and other intermediate products.

7> Agricultural Chemicals: Research and agriculture related chemical, including pesticide, plant growth regulator, fertilizer, compound fertilizer, herbicide etc.

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