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Basic Info of Acid Violet 43

What is Acid Violet 43?

The dye acid violet 43 is a purple-black powder, easily soluble in water, and its aqueous solution is dark purple. When using, first prepare a 1% acid violet 43 solution. That is, 0.1 g of acid violet 43 was accurately weighed and dissolved in 0.05 mol/L citric acid buffer solution (pH 3-6). The solution was placed in a brown reagent bottle and stored in the refrigerator for later use.

Acid violet 43 is an anthraquinone pigment utilized as a colorant in cosmetic formulas (wenninger, canterbery, and McEwen 2000). The acid violet 43 batch licensed by the united state Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to meet the criteria and requirements explained in the government guidelines (21 CFR 73 & & 74) is called ext. & D & C violet No. 2 (FDA 1976). Most of the available safety and security test data originates from the research on ext. & D & C violet No. 2 is designed to sustain FDA’s listing of this shade as a drug and also aesthetic use.

Acid violet 43 is blue purple in sunshine as well as a little red in man-made light (tungsten lamp) (dye Association as well as colorist 1971a). It is soluble in alcohol (Culture of Dyers as well as colorists 1971b) and water (Hazleton labs, Inc. 1968). It is blue in concentrated sulfuric acid, olive brownish after dilution, as well as accompanied by purple precipitation.

Acid Violet 43 Uses

  1. Acid violet 43 is used for coloring woollen and its products. It can be utilized for coloring and printing wool, silk, nylon and their textiles, along with leather dyeing.
  2. Acid violet 43 is an anthraquinone dye, which is made use of in the formula of semi permanent hair color. The optimum focus of reactive dye is 0.5%. According to the EU Cosmetics Regulation 76/768/eec, annex IV, part I, listing of colorants, acid violet 43 is permitted to be utilized in cosmetics as Ci 60730, besides items intended ahead into contact with mucous membranes.

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Produation Method of Acid Violet 43

Using 1,4-dihydroxyanthraquinone and p-toluidine as resources. First, 1,4-dihydroxyanthraquinone is minimized to its leucoform, after that compressed with p-toluidine, re-oxidized, as well as lastly sulfonated with oleum to counteract the item. The finished item is obtained by salting out, filtering system and drying out.


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Quality Control of Acid Violet 43

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