4-Chlororesorcinol CAS 95-88-5

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Basic Info

What is 4-Chlororesorcinol?

4-Chlororesorcinol is colorless crystal or off white to light brown powder. Melting point 89 ℃ (106.5-107.5 ℃), boiling point 259 ℃, 147 ℃ (2.4kPa). Easily soluble in water, alcohol, ether, benzene and carbon disulfide. It can be sublimated. It reacts with ferric chloride to form blue purple.

4-Chlororesorcinol is synthesized by the reaction of resorcinol and dichlorosulfonyl. Mix resorcinol and ether, stir, heat and reflux, and slowly add dichlorosulfonyl. Then raise the temperature to 60 ° C and keep it for 1 hour. After recovering ether, distill it under normal pressure, distillate it under reduced pressure, and collect 131 ℃ (0.8-0.93 kPa) or 160-164 ℃ (4.0 kPa) distillate to obtain 4-chlororesorcinol.

4-Chlororesorcinol Uses

  • 4-Chlororesorcinol used in organic synthesis to produce various ether derivatives; used for printing drawings; Analytical reagents.
  • 4-Chlororesorcinol can be used to synthesize six coumarin series compounds with halogen and trifluoromethyl groups with antifungal activity.
  • In cosmetics and also personal treatment items, 4-chlororesorcinol is made use of in hair color, shade and tone formulations.
  • 4-Chlororesorcinol is utilized in the long-term hair dyeing system, as well as the color is produced inside the hair fibers. This is achieved by thoroughly formulating the product solution to ensure that active ingredients communicate in an extremely regulated process.

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Safety of 4-Chlororesorcinol

4-Chlororesorcinol is classified as a poisonous substance. Exposure to high focus of 4-Chlororesorcinol may cause a variety of health problems, consisting of skin irritation, severe eye irritability and other threats.

The aesthetic active ingredient evaluation (CIR) panel has reviewed the security of 4-chlororesorcinol. The CIR specialist group reviewed the scientific data as well as wrapped up that 4-chlororesorcinol was secure in hair dye formulations.

The CIR specialist group wrapped up that clinical information showed that 4-chlororesorcinol could be securely made use of in hair color products. Subchronic skin contact with hair dye items having 2% 4-chlororesorcinol did not create evidence of compound generated toxicity. At the same focus, no proof of growth effect, reproductive poisoning as well as cancer causing impact was observed after skin call. In a similar way, 4-chlororesorcinol does not alter in micronucleus or bacteria, nor does it cause aneuploidy in fungal cells. 2.5% option is not skin irritant or eye toxic irritant.


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