2-Aminobenzoxazole CAS 4570-41-6

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  • Appearance: White to yellow to brown powder
  • Assay: 99. 0%min
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Basic Info of 2-Aminobenzoxazole

What is 2-Aminobenzoxazole?

2-aminobenzoxazole and also its N-substituted analogues play a crucial role in pharmaceutical chemistry and chemical biology.

They are called potential healing representatives, including various enzyme preventions (protease, chymase, butyrylcholinesterase, topoisomerase II preventions, and so on).

They likewise have applications in product chemistry. Additionally, aminobenzoxazole was used as a positron emission tomography probe.

Consequently, the development of reliable techniques for the preparation of 2-aminobenzoxazole and its analogues has brought in terrific interest.

2-Aminobenzoxazole Uses

  1. 2-Aminobenzoxazole can be used as a potential agricultural fungicide to protect many crops, vegetables and fruits.
  2. 2-Aminobenzoxazole derivatives can be used as lead compounds for the discovery of new pesticides.
  3. 2-Aminobenzoxazole may play an antifungal role by significantly inhibiting the growth and differentiation of fungi.
  4. 2-Aminobenzoxazole is an important intermediate in the synthesis of antitumor drugs.

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2-Aminobenzoxazole Process

A method for forming an optionally substituted 2-aminobenzoxazole compound comprises:

Contacting an optionally substituted 2-aminophenol compound with an amine of NHR 2 and R 3, wherein R 2 and R 3 are each independently selected from h, optionally substituted alkyl or optionally substituted aryl, or R 2 and R 3 form an optionally substituted heterocycle together with the nitrogen atom to which they are connected;

Reactants selected from: (a) C (or) 4, where R represents alkyl; (b) C (OAR) 4, where ar represents aryl; (c) CCL 2 (OAR) 2, where ar represents aryl and binds to {base; Thus, an optionally substituted 2-aminobenzoxazole compound is formed.


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